Alpha Testing • Spring 2024

Do Anything WordPress.

Your AI copilot for WordPress.
AgentWP will do anything you ask, and works with any plugin. Have a tricky layout issue to solve? Just ask. Need to find and fix an elusive bug? No problem. Want to explore some different color schemes or font pairings? Consider it done.
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Quickly add the lightweight AgentWP plugin to your WordPress site. No complex setup or configuration required.


Link AgentWP to our powerful AI platform with a single click. Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge machine learning capabilities into your website.


Engage with AgentWP directly in your WordPress admin panel, or interact with it via chat, email or your favorite messaging app.

Good At Everything,
Works With Anything...

Using advanced AI models custom-trained for WordPress, AgentWP has the capabilities of a skilled developer.

A True AI Agent

With autonomous reasoning and machine learning personalized for your website, AgentWP can handle any WordPress setup or configuration.

Special Support for Popular Plugins

Leveraging built-in workflows and training data from documentation and codebases, AgentWP provides enhanced support for Page Builders, WooCommerce, and other key WordPress plugins. Modify, update and extend your site more easily than ever.

Education &

Personalized website support, optimizations and recommendations.

Security &

Security scans, proactive alerts, plugin updates, and more.

Content & Updates

New pages, blog posts, code extensions, and design modifications.


Charts, tables, and more information about your website.

Alerts and Notifications

AgentWP actively watches over your WordPress site 24/7. If any issues are detected, it will immediately notify you via email, SMS, or Slack. Have a conversation with AgentWP to investigate and resolve problems on your schedule, as if talking to your own WordPress developer.
Integrates With:

Scheduled Tasks

Put WordPress management on autopilot by delegating recurring tasks to AgentWP. Set up automatic security scans, plugin updates, content publishing, comment moderation, and more. AgentWP will handle things reliably in the background so you can focus on your business.
Get Alpha Access
What's the best caching plugin based on my site?
Based on my environment and plugins, what's the best host for me?
What PHP version do I have?
Tell me about Object Caching.
Help me speed up my site.
Can you go through my comments and spam bad ones?
What plugin is rendering this shortcode?
Please change that icon in the tab.
Make a a brand new about page based on everything else on my site.
Can you register a new bounce animation?
Is Elementor up to date?
Review this blog post for SEO best practices.
Change my site URL.
Walk me through the steps to migrate this site to
Create a new form that collects info about cars with Gravity.
Why is this setting greyed out?
Please run a full security scan every Wednesday night.
What's the MoM growth of my users?
When I try and check out I get a 500 error, can you fix this for me?
I need a good plugin to bookmark posts. Can you choose one and configure it?
WordPress 6.5 ... Tell me about the new features please!
Add a new CPT for Car Parts. Set up related taxonomy.
Fix the error on the homepage.
Collect information to send to Woo support please.
Write me a post about owls and publish it every Friday.
Optomize my homepage to score high on Google Lighthouse.
What is Query Monitor? How can I use it?
Add a new user role for 'wholesalers'.
Improve the copy on the hero section of this page.
Delete any users who haven't published a post in 5 years. Attribute all content to me.
Make this button Green, and change the label to "buy now".
Add some placeholder pages for bakery locations.


What is AgentWP?

AgentWP is an AI agent that works directly within your WordPress website. It acts as a virtual developer with a complete understanding of your site, capable of handling any task related to building, modifying, maintaining, securing, and generating content for your WordPress website.

What can I do with AgentWP?

With AgentWP, you can do anything in WordPress. From solving complex layout issues and fixing bugs to exploring design options and optimizing your site's performance, AgentWP can handle it all. Simply ask AgentWP to take on any task, and it will efficiently and effectively get it done.

How does AgentWP work?

AgentWP integrates seamlessly with WordPress APIs, CLI, and database, as well as the front end, allowing it to click buttons, navigate pages, and apply logic and reasoning. It leverages AI models specifically trained for WordPress and has custom-built integrations for popular plugins. With its robust knowledge base and powerful AI capabilities, AgentWP can fulfill any task you set for it.

Is AgentWP compatible with my existing WordPress setup?

Yes, AgentWP is compatible with any existing WordPress website. It will learn and adapt to your specific implementation to best serve your needs. Whether you have a custom theme, specific plugins, or a unique hosting environment, AgentWP seamlessly integrates and works with your setup.

Is AgentWP private / secure?

Yes, AgentWP prioritizes privacy and security. All data is encrypted, and we have robust privacy measures in place regarding data sharing with AI providers. No data from your individual account is used for training outside of your specific instance. You can trust that your website data remains private and secure with AgentWP.

What's the difference between AgentWP and CodeWP?

AgentWP and CodeWP are two distinct solutions aimed at different market groups. AgentWP is an AI-powered agent that works within your WordPress website, designed primarily for end-users of websites, although it offers value to anybody. It focuses on conversational interactions and can handle various tasks related to your entire WordPress site without initially launching with capabilities to modify websites using code snippets. 

On the other hand, CodeWP is an off-website platform with an integration via a helper plugin to generate more efficient code snippets, but not deploy them. It is oriented towards WordPress developers who want to streamline their coding process. While both products leverage AI to enhance the WordPress experience, they serve different purposes and target different user groups. 

AgentWP aims to make managing and maintaining WordPress sites more accessible and efficient for end-users, while CodeWP focuses on assisting developers in writing better code. To learn more about our long-term plans and how AgentWP and CodeWP will evolve, please read this help center article.

Does AgentWP make mistakes?

AgentWP strives for accuracy, but like any real developer, it isn't perfect and could make rare mistakes. However, we have robust systems and processes in place to ensure that irreversible changes are never introduced to your WordPress site.

When you ask AgentWP to perform a task, it will walk you through its planned approach step-by-step. Where possible, it utilizes WordPress's built-in revision control and user management systems, operating as an authentic user would. For any interactions that don't leverage these native WordPress features, AgentWP is designed to make any Interaction easily reversible.

Before implementing anything, AgentWP conducts rigorous testing to validate that everything is functioning as expected. So even in the rare case that it gets something wrong initially, you can have confidence that any issues will be quickly identified and simple to undo.

AgentWP combines the power and flexibility of an intelligent agent with safeguards and error-checking to provide you with a reliable WordPress management experience.

Is AgentWP suitable for developers, freelancers, and agencies?

AgentWP will offer tailored plans for both individual users and professionals, such as freelancers and agencies. These plans allow professionals to use AgentWP for their own work and provide custom support to their clients, reducing the number of support requests they need to handle directly. By catering to a wide range of users, AgentWP aims to make the WordPress experience more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone involved in creating and managing WordPress websites.

Will you offer B2B features and partnerships?

Yes. We will work with and offer features to plugin developers, web hosts, and enterprise agencies. If you're interested, please fill out this partnership form.

B2B partners will be included in the first cohort to receive testing access to AgentWP's consumer product and Partner Portals.

What is the release timeline for AgentWP?

AgentWP is currently in development, with an alpha release planned for April 2024. The full version 1.0 release is expected in late spring or early summer 2024. To be among the first to try AgentWP, sign up for the waitlist and get early access to the alpha testing phase. Testing access will be free.
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